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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of CamiShrockShow photo (4)HeartRight’s Weekly Artist Spotlight is hosted by James Clifton and Jimmy Mobley. They have had the honor to Interview such notable Artist as Gene Reasoner, Tim Caldwell and Daryl Boyer, Johnson Edition as well as feature groups such as Gloryland Trio, The Riders, Kimberly Smoak, Chronicle, Bros. 4, Gene Reasoner, David Gresham, Justified Quartet, Daryl Boyer, Caleb King, The McKay Project, The Dunns, Day Three, Sojourner Quartet, Molded Clay, Cross Anchored, Cami Shrock, MasterPeace Quartet, Greg Sullivan, Johnson Edition, Fields Of Grace, Gene Reasoner, Stephanie Leavins, Chelsea Estes, Living Faith Quartet and many more. Their show is heard weekly on Radio Stations all across the United States and Abroad.

Saturday Mornings @ 10:00 AM EST
WNSM-DB- York, PA Notespire Music Radio
Saturday Evenings @ 8:00PM EST
WBNI- St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Sunday Mornings- Contact Station for Times
WDRO 101.3 FM Monticello, Ms
Tuesday Mornings @ 9:00 AM CST
Gospel Radio Hour- Eldon, MO
Wednesday Mornings @ 9:00 AM PAC
Racman Christian Radio Network- Yreka, CA
Wednesday Afternoons @ 1:00PM EST WRHG-
Rock Hill Gospel- Rock Hill, SC
Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00PM EST
WRHG-Rock Hill Gospel- Rock Hill, SC
Friday Evenings @ 7:00PM EST
WRHG-Rock Hill Gospel- Rock Hill, SC